Profile 2 is the natural step up from it’ sibling Profile 1. Profile 2 is a 8 ohm design making it easy to drive with virtually amplifier or receiver. Featuring 2-way design with frequency response 75hZ – 20khz, Profile 2 can be used without a subwoofer or pair with the ProfileSub for an affordable 2.1 system. The perfect choice as an affordable Home Cinema sound system.

Available with Black or White enclosure with black grille material. Mounting hardware included.


The Cambridge Audio CXA81 Mk II builds on the success of its award-winning predecessors. ALlways looking for new ways to improve your listening experience – Cambridge Audio recognises that great sound never goes out of fashion. ​

CXA81 Mk II is effortless, poised and sophisticated – only more so. 80 watts per channel give it complete authority over your music, to reveal every emotion and nuance contained within it.



We shouldn’t have favourites but CXN100 is something else. Hi-fi specialists and our listeners loved its predecessor, 2023 What Hi-Fi CXN V2 – just wait until they hear this.

CXN100 will instantly transform a classic hi-fi stack into a system with a bright future. And because it’s a network device, CXN100’s firmware can be upgraded remotely, via our StreamMagic app, to receive the latest services.


SuperConnect Stereo is the stereo version of one of the world’s most acclaimed digital radios. It takes the expression of REVO’s design and engineering philosophy and the culmination of everything we have learnt in more than 20 years of award-winning product design and development to the next level. The SuperConnect Stereo is a ‘connected’ radio that delivers over 36,000 radio stations from around the world and a host of next-generation features and functionality.