Tivoli Audio Model Three Bluetooth - Open Box

Cherry/Metallic Taupe
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Open Box - New!

New Bluetooth Technology

The only way the classic Tivoli Model Three could be improved upon was to add wireless Bluetooth technology. Smartphones, tablets, and computers can all be easily integrated to use with the Model Three BT. Music can be streamed directly from your device without the hassle of wires or cables. To begin streaming, just switch the Model Three BT to the Auxiliary position to connect and sync your device. If the device you’re using doesn’t have wireless Bluetooth technology, the traditional Auxiliary input is still available.

A Classic Design

The Model Three BT features the same audio and fine tuning technology of the previous model, with an upgraded quartz mechanical clock and alarm circuit. The simple-to-use over sized knob is used for both AM/FM settings and picks up stations easily and accurately. The display features a subtle illumination allowing you to see in low light situations without interfering with sleep. Like the classic design that has been popular for years, the Model Three BT has beautifully crafted wood cabinet framing, great sound, and user friendly alarm and sleep/snooze settings making it extremely convenient and simple to operate.

The Best AM/FM Analog Clock Radio on the Market

The Tivoli Model Three BT with its classic design, beautiful analog look and feel, and new wireless Bluetooth streaming technology, make it the most stylish and exciting clock radio on the market. The Model Three BT also offers great sound and a simple user experience. It doesn’t just wake you up, its a clock radio with elegance and style, and thanks to newly added Bluetooth technology, it just got better.


  • Stream music wirelessly through the Model Three BT
  • High-performance, easy-to-use analog clock radio with superior sound
  • Sensitive analog AM/FM tuner with 5:1 ratio tuning dial
  • Wake to AM/FM radio or tone
  • 20 minute Sleep timer
  • Hand-crafted, real wood veneer cabinet available in multiple finishes
  • Fine quartz mechanical movement ensures accurate timekeeping
  • Uses Bluetooth wireless technology’s advanced A2DP profile for high-quality sound
  • Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) results in low-to-no noise
    interference with other wireless devices

In the box

  • Model Three BT AM/FM clock radio
  • Power supply
  • User guide
  • Warranty card
Speaker 3-inch full-range driver; expandable with optional stereo speaker and subwoofer
Weight 3.66 lbs (1.66 kg)
Dimensions 4.5"H x 8.375"W x 5.25"D (11.43cm H x 21.27cm W x 13.34cm D)
Wireless range Minimum 9 meter (30') reception range
Bluetooth version 2.1+EDR
Warranty 1-Year Warranty
MSRP $299.99  You Save: 20.3%

1 Review

Customer Reviews


The good, the bad and the not so bad.

After a long and in the end fruitless search for a really good bedside clock radio, I decided to splurge on the Tivoli Model Three. It's a handsome real wood veneer box with the speaker firing upwards from the top. It has a rotary tuning dial, an advantage over most digital tuners in my opinion. After a bit of hunting, it locked onto my preferred radio station, and has stayed there without drifting. On the other hand, the dial's pointer is pointing nowhere near the frequency of my preferred station, a bit of a head scratcher. The radio is equipped with Bluetooth, which is nice though I don't use it. The clock is for some reason not analog: the minute hand jumps a notch every minute, and it's hard to understand why they would not have opted for a quartz clock, which at least would have been accurate - mine has lost ten minutes in the last four months, unheard of in this day and age, and re-setting it is a chore. When setting the wake-up timer before hitting the sack, the radio occasionally comes on, off, on and off again, making me wonder if this is going to be a problem.

I guess my biggest nit to pick is the quality of the sound, which is hollow, with an artificial bass response. Actually all the clock radios I tried (four of them, anyway) had an artificially boosted bass, an attempt to fix the sound produced by the very small speakers common to table radios. Anyway, the effect is to muddle the spoken word, a minus if you like to listen to the news while waking up. Classical music sounds, well, messy. Even pop music sounds messy. If there was a tone control, I would kill the bass, but there isn't, so there you are.

In summary, I like the appearance, and I don't like the sound, even though this was the best of the lot. We have grown accustomed to the sound, but I still yearn for a table clock radio that has good, clean sound. It's not rocket science, folks. Table radios used to have acceptable sound, not that long ago.

Reviewed on 04/20/2017
Bloomington, Indiana
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