Master & Dynamic MH 30 On Ear Headphones

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The MH-30 On Ear Headphones by Master & Dynamics are specially designed for portability featuring a foldable, compact design making them ideal for travel and life on the go. They feature premium heavy grain cowhide on the exterior headband and lambskin on the headband’s interior and ear pads.

The Master & Dynamics MH-30’s have stainless steel components in all the most vital areas including the foldable hinges. They also include heavy duty oxygen-free woven cables for optimum sound and noise reduction. An anodized finish coating is also included on exterior for increased life and durability.


  • Heavy grain premium leather
  • Stainless steel components
  • Custom Neodynium drivers
  • Rugged aluminum body
  • Woven oxygen-free copper cables
  • Anodized finish
  • Genuine lambskin earpads

In the box

  • MH-30 On Ear Headphones
  • 3.5/6.3mm Gold-Plated Adapter
  • 1.25m Cable with Remote & Mic (iPod, iPad, & iPhone)
  • 2.00m Standard Cable
  • Canvas Headphone Case
  • Leather Cable Box
Weight 260g
Impedence 32 ohms
Cable Detachable 1.25m Cable with Remote and Mic 2.00m Standard Cable
Ear Coupling Supra-aural
Dimensions 195mm x 190mm x 40mm
Connection Dual 3.5mm standard jack
Drivers 40mm Neodymium
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Customer Reviews


Excellent On-Ear Headphones



I want to provide a real life review/comparison of the Master & Dynamic MH30’s (M&D MH30). As the owner of a set of Bowers & Wilkins P5’s (B&W P5) I can give you a personal experience as to how I believe two comparable products match up. I’ll start with a specification/feature comparison that indicates which I believe to have a slight advantage. If no such mention is made then IMO there is no meaningful difference.

Drivers: 40mm

Freq. Response: B&W P5 = 10Hz-20kHz/ M&D MH30 = 5Hz-25kHz (M&D-MH30)

Impedance: B&W P5 = 22 ohms / M&D MH 30 = 32 ohms (B&W P5)

Sensitivity: 108db

Weight: B&W P5 = 195gm / M&D MH 30 = 260gm (B&W P5)

Premium Build: Yes

Detachable Cables: Yes

Inline Phone Controls: Yes

Daisy Chain Listening: M&D MH30

Foldable Flat: Yes

Foldable Compact: M&D MH30

Removable/Replaceable Ear Pads: Yes

Hi-Res Audio: No

Bluetooth: No

Noise Isolating: Yes

Noise Cancelling: No

Carrying Pouch: Yes

2 Year Warranty: Yes

The build quality of both the M&D MH30 and the B&W P5 is outstanding. No plastic here. One should get years of use out of either. The packaging is top notch for both…suggesting a premium product.

Aesthetically, while both phones can be had in basic metal and black leather the B&W P5’s are more visually subdued in design. The M&D MH30’s are unique in their adjustment application. The sliding pole adjustment for the cans give the appearance of small antennae on either side of your head when viewed up-close. That said the M&D MH30’s are not going to draw attention from a mile away as does another manufacturer with some outlandish bright color. The M&D MH30 design IMO can be worn by any age.

Although the M&D MH30 is a bit heavier --the on-ear clamping is less noticeable. The B&W P5’s to me are bit tight. I should note that no on-ear phone has the comfort level of over-the-ear phones. Also, as many professional reviews have stated the M&D MH30’s may not be for those with a large or oddly shaped head.

How a headphone sounds is very subjective. Here’s my comparison of the B&W P5 vs. the M&D MH30. The M&D MH30 has a tighter base and goes deeper (see frequency response). The high end of the M&D MH30 is more detailed without being tin-like. The payoff IMO is a mid-range for the M&D MH30 that lets vocals come across clearly and not sound muted. I mainly listen to Jazz and R&B and both sound excellent. In all fairness the B&W P5’s deliver a pleasing sound as well, I just prefer the M&D MH30’s.

The M&D MH30 has a slightly higher impedance than the B&W P5 (32 ohms vs 22 ohms). However, the M&D MH30’s will work well with your portable device (cell phone/MP3 Player/iPod) not requiring a DAP to power them. Another trick that the M&D MH30’s allow is the ability to connect (daisy chain) a second pair of phones via the included cable without the phone controls to share your tunes with a friend. The M&D MH30’s also score higher on portability; in that the cans can be folded into the head band for a really compact fit.

In closing if you are going to do an A/B comparison of the Master & Dynamic MH30’s do so with a comparable product. I own a set of $800 Hi-Res phones and the M&D MH30’s are nowhere near the sound quality. For the record Hi-Res generally means the phones are cable of hitting the upper frequency range of 40kHz vs the 25kHz of the M&D MH30’s. If you’ve never worn on-ear phones before you may want to start with a less expensive set to get accustom to the fit.

If your budget allows the Master & Dynamic MH30’s should be on your short list for an on-ear phone

Reviewed on 07/11/2017
Overland Park, Kansas
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