Grado Labs SR60e On-Ear Headphones- Open Box

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Grado Labs has improved and advanced their audiophile technology in the SR60e headphohnes. They feature an open back design allowing the audio signal to naturally blend with open air from the outside for a warm, natural sound. The open back design promotes a realness in the sound quality, as if the music was being performed in your living room. The SR60e’s have a new driver design and an entirely new polymer to promote minimal resonant distortion in the plastic housing, as well as a new cable from plug to driver connection. This all comes together to effectively eliminate transient distortions, allowing for a sound with tight control of the upper and lower ranges of frequency while still offering the same world renowned Grado midrange.

Listeners expect quite a bit form their headphones. They want to hear rumbling, thumping low end bass, and the powerful dynamics and attack of the kick drum without having to sacrifice any other elements of the sound. The Grado Labs SR60e’s offer high performance full spectrum audio at an affordable, entry level price. The sound performance and clarity is so detailed you’ll be able to hear notes and features of the music you didn’t even know were there. With a renown reputation in the audiophile industry, the SR60e’s give the listener a chance to share in the Grado Labs experience without having to break the bank. Try a pair of the the affordable SR60e open back headphones and experience a fuller, clearer, more realistic sound. There are many imitators, but cheap imported entry level headphones cannot match the sonic integrity of Grado Labs from Brooklyn, USA.


  • Open back design with vented diaphragm
  • Non Resonant air chamber
  • Standard copper voice coil wire
  • Standard copper connecting cord
  • mini plug with 1/4” adapter
  • Durable construction for long lasting life

In the box:

  • SR60e headphones
  • Warranty Card
  • Grado story-sheet
  • 6.5mm Golden Adapter
Frequency Response 20Hz~20,000Hz
SPL: 99.8 dB @ 1 mW
Headphone Type: Open Back
Drivers Dynamic
Matching Tolerance: Drivers Matched: 1 dB
MSRP $79.00