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Grado Labs SR325e On-Ear Headphones

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Grado Labs, the legendary audio company based in Brookly, NY have added to their great catalog of products with the SR325e open back Prestige series headphones. The SR325e feature new and improved drivers and a better cable design. Grado Labs added a powder-coated aluminum housing to these headphones for a much smoother transition from the lowest to the highest frequency range. The added mass not only adds to the headphones solid construction and durability, but improves the audio quality as well. They feature a new 8 conductor cable design. This allows the SR325e’s to perform as they were fully intended, with superb control and stability of the upper and lower of the frequency spectrum. Thanks to the new and improved design of the SR325e’s, the cycle in which the metal housing move air and react to sound vibrations are now less affected by transient distortions

Enjoy the deep, rumbling low end of the bass, Grado Lab’s famous midrange, and the crystal clear high range of the treble. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a headphone in this price range that offers better clarity and more spacious stereo imaging for the listener. Their open back design is often preferred by serious audio enthusiasts, because it allows the audio signal a chance to “breathe” blending open air with the music. The result is a warm, natural sound for the listener. The SR325e’s deliver the audiophile sound quality and integrity you would come to expect from a brand like Grado. They have a striking appearance in addition their remarkable sound. A vintage, 60’s style design and look will put you back in the retro era. The genuine top-grain leather padded head-strap is Brylcreem resistant.


  • Open back, on ear design with interchangeable ear cushions
  • Vented diaphragms for minimal distortion and enhanced bass response
  • Aluminum enclosures for powerful dynamics and crystal clear highs
  • Large ear cushions and increased air flow delivery through an improved, specially designed larger soundstage
  • Adjustable premium leather headband for custom fitting
  • Rugged, durable construction for long lasting life

In the box:

  • SR325e headphones,
  • Warranty card
  • Grado story-sheet
  • 6.5mm Golden Adapter
Drivers Dynamic
Freq. Response 18Hz~24,000Hz
SPL: 99.8 dB @ 1 mW
Matching Tolerance: Drivers Matched: 0.05 dB
Headphone Type: Open Back
MSRP $295.00 

3 Reviews

Customer Reviews


Great headphone

Forward mids and treble, more natural on bass. Wonderful clarity, wide soundstage. Bass is tight and deep and impactful without being bloated. Really great headphones with a particular Grado sound signature that's undeniable yet lively. Daft Punk Random Access Memories is amazing with these headphones.

Reviewed on 11/09/2014
Lake Forest, CA
288 out of 572 customers found this review helpful.
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Excellent sound, so-so fit

I love the sound the SR325e headphones produce—clear, accurate, mellow, direct. The fit on my head is not ideal. They are too large and there is no way to make them any smaller so instead of hugging my head they sit up on it and feel heavy. I phoned the manufacturer and received no help at all.

Reviewed on 08/15/2014
Truro, Massachusetts
282 out of 568 customers found this review helpful.
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Perfect open sound from Grado 'phones

This is a recent purchase so I am still learning what the Grados can do to bring my music to life. The experience purchasing them from Audio Geeks was first rate, with quick shipping and delivery.

So far I'm ve ry happy with the major improvement in sound that the SR325e bring to my ears!

Reviewed on 06/22/2016
219 out of 426 customers found this review helpful.
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