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Audeze EL-8 Closed-Back Headphones - Open Box

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Open Box - Brand New

Audeze has built a reputation as a world leader in the audio industry. Their headphones provide remarkably great sound quality free of distortion and preserving even the most subtle musical nuances. The planar magnetic drivers deliver a natural, detailed soundstage with stereo spaciousness setting them above and beyond other headphones in their class.

Planar magnetic driver technology

The EL-8 closed back headphones are engineered for everyday use while living up to the integrity of Audeze sound. Three unique patent-pending technologies make the EL-8’s lighter, smaller, and higher performing than other planar magnetic headphones on the market. Their closed back design helps eliminate any excess noise and isolates the audio signal directly to the listener. They are made to plug directly in to your smartphone/ music player or use with them a headphone amplifier to bring out their full potential. Planar magnetic drivers use a thin diaphragm with a larger surface area to generate sound, unlike the dynamic drivers commonly used in most headphones. The circuit is etched along the entire surface area of an extra thin diaphragm, which is held between two large magnets. When the circuit receives a signal, it corresponds with the magnetic field, making the diaphragm move back and forth. The result is a lifelike, spacious sound of the highest quality and integrity bringing the listener closer to the music than ever before.

Specially engineered by BMW DesignWorks USA

For the EL-8’s Audeze created a lighter, more efficient set of headphones. Specially designed by BMW DesignWorks USA, Audeze has developed a reputation for being an audio industry leader with their planar magnetic technology and advancements in audio products. In the pursuit of perfection, the sound engineers improved the performance and worked to decrease the weight. Audeze created the patent-pending Fluxor magnet which almost doubles the strength of the headphone magnets commonly used. The El-8’s use a special single-sided design with the improved Fluxor magnet making them lighter and more compact. Designed for comfort, looks, and travel use, the EL-8’s feel and look just as good as they sound. Beautiful wood veneer highlights the rounded edges of the earcups. An extra soft padded headband and earcups ensure a comfortable listening every time. They also feature a folding, compact design for easy storage.


  • Planar magnetic drivers offer low distortion, enhanced dynamics, and detailed sound
  • Fluxor™ magnetic technology increases efficiency, so a high-powered headphone amp is not required
  • lighter, improved design for more convenient listening
  • Fazor™ driver technology offers improved phase response, three-dimensional imaging, and extended frequency response
  • Uniforce™ diaphragm technology helps reduce distortion
  • Closed-back design prevents sound from leaking in or out of the headphones


  • Fazor elements
  • Fluxor magnetic structure
  • Uniforce diaphragms

In the box:

  • EL-8 Closed-Back Headphones
  • 1.2m Audeze headphone cable
  • 3.5mm to 1/4in stereo adapter

Magnet type Neodymium
Transducer type Planar magnetic
Driver size 100mm
Magnetic structure Fluxor magnets
Frequency Response 10Hz – 50kHz extended out to 50kHz
Style Closed-back circumaural
Optimal power requirement 200mW – 4W
Maximum power handling 15W (for 200ms)
Sound pressure level >130dB
Efficiency 100dB / 1mW
total harmonic distortion Less than 0.01% (1KHz, 1mw)
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Customer Reviews


Great buy!

Hey guys, this is a short and simple review, i give them a 4.5, the low bass at around 50 hz and down with out proper amplification you will get a slight crackle if you can notice it, but after you plug them in to a good amp or amp/dac combo this becomes way less apearant and only apearing in the 38 Hz and down ranges (yeah like most people will be down in those ranges) other then that small thing the mids are crisp and clean and there is small amount of like separation and you can hear almost every detail, with the LCD3's as a reference these are quite the nice buy. they are a tad brighter i have found, and the slam bass is not necessarily as present in these as the LCD3's with that said the mids and highs are just fantastic. hopefully with more burn in that small crackle will go away it could just be me also. but regardless these are fantastic and the guys at audio geeks are amazing. I would buy these again.

Reviewed on 08/19/2015
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