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The BRIK Story
Don’t Just Listen | Listen to BRIK is not just a slogan of BRIK Instruments. It is an attitude that BRIK Instruments proudly possesses, and every member of the BRIK Instruments team stands behind it. It is an attitude that is not willing to compromise and always strive for superior performance and quality. It is an attitude that embraces elegance and innovation seamlessly.

BRIK Instruments was founded in 2010 by a group of industry veterans who jointly brought more than 50 years of experiences in hi-fidelity audio design and craftsmanship with the vision to popularize hi-fidelity performance audio systems by making them more accessible.

BRIK is now proudly been distributed in 20-plus countries around the globe.

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Don’t let the dirty power degrade the performance of your system
When a high fidelity system operates, everything counts! The high-current appliance in your household such as refrigerators and microwave can generate electromagnetic interference (EMI) that interferes with your system and keeps it from operating at its best. EMI could make the sound from your speakers to become lack of detail and range.

Steady power source that enhances performance and protect equipment
BRIK Power Master is specifically designed for your BRIK system. It acts as a buffer between the wall socket and your system, and it transforms the house current coming in into clean current with the right voltage that each of your BRIK unit consumes. Having a steady power source not only enhance the performance of your system, but also protect your luxury investment.

Better cable management for cleaner look
Many high-end component audio system owners face the challenges of running out of AC wall socket and messy running power cords. BRIK Power Master allows you to consume only 1 wall socket for up to 5 BRIK units. With a centralized power source, you can now neatly arrange your power cords and have a cleaner look.

In the box

  • BRIK Power Master

  • Owner’s manual

Power Supply – A: DC 12V x 4
Power Supply – B: DC 20V x 1
Power Input: AC 115V 60 Hz (US)
Power Consumption: 18W
Dimensions: W 5.51″ x H 1.89″ x L 6.30″
Weight: 4.18 lbs