BRIK Integrated Amplifier



The BRIK Story
Don’t Just Listen | Listen to BRIK is not just a slogan of BRIK Instruments. It is an attitude that BRIK Instruments proudly possesses, and every member of the BRIK Instruments team stands behind it. It is an attitude that is not willing to compromise and always strive for superior performance and quality. It is an attitude that embraces elegance and innovation seamlessly.

BRIK Instruments was founded in 2010 by a group of industry veterans who jointly brought more than 50 years of experiences in hi-fidelity audio design and craftsmanship with the vision to popularize hi-fidelity performance audio systems by making them more accessible.

BRIK is now proudly been distributed in 20-plus countries around the globe.

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Make your audio signal more meaty and powerful

With the rise of MP3 and other digital music formats, we all enjoy the convenience of listening to our favorite musics on various digital devices such as iPod®, iPhone®, laptop, desktop, and many others. Unfortunately, the output units of these devices are usually made of cheap and low-performance components, and they leave your musics sounding flat and lack of detail. The audio signal from these devices are also too weak to push a pair of high end speakers that truly delivers astonishing sound quality.

Make your audio signal more meaty and powerful with the soul of high-fidelity
There is no better way to enjoy your favorite music through a pair of high performance speakers. BRIK Integrated Amplifier was designed and built by hi-fi industry veterans who truly posses both the electrical design expertise and the passion of music. That’s why this amplifier has the ability to juicy up the audio signal to delivers 50 watts of dynamic, full-bandwidth-rated power to each of your stereo speakers providing clear, undistorted sound – even during your music’s most demanding peaks. Its wide-range frequency response lets you experience all the details in your music.

Customize a system that best suits your needs
With 3 input options, this amplifier empowers you to switch between audio sources as you please and build a system that best suits the way you enjoy music. The unique design of front panel 3.5 mm jack the connection from iPod®, iPad®, iPhone®, and other mobile device extremely intuitive. Simply plug in and enjoy.

Space is a scarce luxury to many people. Unlike traditional pre-amp and power amp setup which usually takes up significant amount of space, BRIK Integrated Amplifier flawlessly integrates the two into its elegantly built interference-resistant all-metal chassis to save space without compromising audiophile grade performance.

In the box

  • BRIK Integrated Amplifier
  • Owner’s manual

Input Options: RCA Line Input x 2, 3.5 mm

Line Input x 1

Power Output:

20 W (1KHz THD 0.5 %), >35 W

(THD 10% Max Output)

Load Impedance: 4 OHM
Input Sensitivity: 210 mV
Input Impedance: 20K OHM
Distortion: <0.5 % (1KHz 1W / 4 OHM 20Hz ~ 20K Hz)
Frequency Response: 20 ~ 20K Hz (Volume at Max 1W Output -3dB)
Separation:  >60 dB
Hum Volume At Min: <10 mV (20K LPF)
Dimensions: W 5.51″ x H 1.89″ x L 6.30″
Weight: 2.20 lbs