BRIK Phono Pre-Amplifier


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The BRIK Story
Don’t Just Listen | Listen to BRIK is not just a slogan of BRIK Instruments. It is an attitude that BRIK Instruments proudly possesses, and every member of the BRIK Instruments team stands behind it. It is an attitude that is not willing to compromise and always strive for superior performance and quality. It is an attitude that embraces elegance and innovation seamlessly.

BRIK Instruments was founded in 2010 by a group of industry veterans who jointly brought more than 50 years of experiences in hi-fidelity audio design and craftsmanship with the vision to popularize hi-fidelity performance audio systems by making them more accessible.

BRIK is now proudly been distributed in 20-plus countries around the globe.

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Vinyl enthusiasts’ challenges
Nothing beats the classic. Despite the rise of CD and digital music, vinyl is still enjoyed by great number of audio enthusiast. However, the vinyl enthusiasts are facing challenges of having receivers and amplifiers that do not support phonograph input or tolerating manufacturer built-in low-performance circuitry that deliver sounds with mediocre and lifeless quality.

Designed to bring superb performance to life from your vinyl collection
BRIK is designed to be accessible to all audio sources and formats. We would certainly not exclude vinyl enthusiasts from enjoying our state-of-art system. BRIK Phono is elegantly designed and manufactured with premium quality components to deliver warm and relaxed sound wave that vinyl is famous for. BRIK Phono is made of all-metal body rejecting interference to ensure clean sound for your enjoyment.

Moving magnet (MM) and moving coil (MC) compatible
BRIK Phono Stage is compatible with both moving magnet and moving coil cartridges, so you can count on proper matching with virtually any turntable and cartridge combination. No matter what kind of phono cartridge you mount on your turntable, BRIK got you covered!

In the box

  • BRIK Phono Pre-Amplifier
  • Owner’s manual
Input Sensitivity: MM 4 – 6 mV

MC 0.4 – 0.6 mV

Output Level: MM 500 – 550 mV

MC 500 – 550 mV

Max Input: MM > 80 mV

MC > 8 mV

Max Output: MM > 8 V

MC > 8 V

Input Impedance: MM 46 – 56 KΩ

MC 80 – 120 Ω

Output Impedance: MM < 680 Ω

MC < 680 Ω

Gain (1 kHz): MM 38 -42 dB

MC 58 – 62 dB

Distortion (5mV Input): MM < 0.1%

MC < 0.3%

S/N (A-Weighted): MM > 65 dB

MC > 55 dB

RIAA Accuracy: MM ± 1dB

MC ± 1dB

Channel Balance: MM < 0.5 dB

MC < 0.5 dB

Channel Separation: MM > 60 dB

MC > 50 dB

Dimensions: W 5.51″ x H 1.89″ x L 6.30″
Weight: 2.20 lbs