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AudioQuest DragonFly Red - USB DAC - Preamp - Headphone Amp

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The new DragonFly models incorporate improved 32-bit ESS Sabre DAC chip high-performance 9016 in Red— which employ minimum-phase filtering for naturally detailed, more authentic sound. The DragonFly Red includes the latest ESS headphone amp and a bit-perfect digital volume control that resides on the 9016 DAC chip itself—a sophisticated implementation that ensures maximum fidelity, dynamic contrast, and signal-to-noise ratio.

The DragonFly Red, with its higher 2.1-volt output, will be compatible with a wider range of headphones, including power-hungry, low-efficiency models.

While the DAC chips we’ve selected are remarkably powerful and sophisticated, we’ve intentionally limited DragonFly Black and DragonFly Red’s processing capabilities to 24-bit/96kHz resolution. This makes using the DragonFly’s as simple as it’s always been: they’re fully compatible with PCs without having to download and install new drivers.

Most importantly, DragonFly is designed to honor the music you already own and love. Whether you’re listening to Spotify, YouTube, Tidal, ripped CDs, or state-of-the-art high-resolution files, DragonFly will deliver a more emotionally compelling and enjoyable experience.

In the box

  • Owner’s manual
  • USB DAC/Preamp/Headphone Amp (protection cap installed)
  • Storage pouch
  • Instruction Booklet
  • Warranty Registration Card
  • HDtracks brochure
  • “roon” brochure
Compatibility Compatible with Apple and Windows PCs, as well as iOS and Android mobile devices (requires Apple Camera Adapter or Made for Android/OTG adaptor)
Volume Control Bit-perfect digital volume control
DAC Type USB Stick-Sized Digital-to-Analog Converter
Output High output (2.1 volts) drives almost all headphones, including power-hungry models
Transfer Type Asynchronous transfer ensures digital timing integrity
Chip Set 32-bit ESS 9016 DAC with minimum-phase filter
Drive indirect/direct Drives headphones directly
Output Type Fixed output feeds preamp or AV receiver
MSRP $198.75 

3 Reviews

Customer Reviews


thumbs up

Out of the box it was louder "in my face" sound. Like any audio device or cable, it did take "break in" use time (20 plus hours I would say) for my hearing to pick up the full listening benefit. It produces all the good stuff...sweet, smooth, spacious refinement, and I'm hearing some new low level detail in familiar recordings.. A good jump up from the Dragonfly Black. On a side note I am a believer in using an equalizer app to make up for varied short comings of all headphones and speakers so that no part of the frequency spectrum is left out or over emphasized. With the Jitterbug, Dragonfly, and good cables, my equalized $750 Audioengine HD6's sound like well over $2000 speakers.

Reviewed on 06/02/2017
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Can you hear me now?

I can. I can hear you nice and clear. I'm not a huge (yet) audiophile. I buy things here and there, what I can afford. As a music/podcast fan, as an offline video editor, and as a professional screenwriter/director, I use headphones a lot.

I've only had the USB DAC for a couple of weeks, but so far I am very pleased by its performance.

And I'll definitely be a return customer with AudioGeeks. Prices are second to none, often; and 2 day shipping!

Reviewed on 06/12/2017
Bakersfield, Ca
110 out of 223 customers found this review helpful.
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AudioQuest DragonFly Red

Great product, great price and service from audiogeeks!

Reviewed on 09/08/2017
Pukalani, HI
72 out of 142 customers found this review helpful.
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