AudioQuest Anti-Static Record Brush

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All New Design

In creating AQ’s new Conductive Carbon Fiber Brush, AudioQuest created new tooling for every part of our new design. AQ’s reborn Brush has ideal conductivity from the Carbon Fibers, through the internal parts of the brush, to the conductive Gold Contacts placed right where your fingers need them.

Now More Effective

We also reinvestigated what is possible with Carbon Fibers, finally choosing for our new Brush a far greater quantity of new smaller fibers in order to more effectively sweep away micro-dirt, not just the less relevant visible dust.


  • Designed to safely clean vinyl records — works great on LCD screens and keyboards too.
  • Carbon fiber bristles and conductive gold contacts remove microscopic dust
  • Exposed metal on the handle helps discharge static electricity rotating handle on brush cleans the bristles

In the box

Anti-static record brush with rotating handle

Brush Type Conductive and anti-static
Carbon Fibers Two rows
Number of Fibers 624,000 highly conductive
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